Checkpoint portraits_511
Photo by Joel Lim @ Calibre Pictures. Courtesy of Checkpoint Theatre.


Hi, I’m Shiv. I’m a writer and director, and occasional actor and singer/songwriter. I live in Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai (though I’m from Ambala, a wonderful place). I’m an Associate Artist at Checkpoint Theatre in Singapore, and the Co-Founder and Creative Head of The Film Guys.

I’d love to tell you honest stories that would make you laugh. I’m especially interested in the connections between apparently disparate things, especially for storytelling and social entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about education, and teach part-time.



Just Finished: The Good, the Bad and the Sholay – Play
I co-directed the second production of my play at Esplanade Studios’ Kalaa Utsavam festival, from 26 to 29 November, 2015. Reviews are here, here and here.

Now: Castiko – Making casting easier.
I’m running a startup that helps casting directors and actors work together more easily.